At Athru Performance Coaching we work with individuals and teams who want to take their ability to perform to the next level.We will work with you to help you to develop the tools and the knowledge necessary to focus your efforts effectively and put yourself in contention for the opportunities that come your way.

What we do…

We offer One to One and Team Coaching in Cork and whether its a one off session to help to formulate and clarify your goals or a season long team and player support package we will work with you to identify what it is you need to take your performance to the next level.

We can help you to increase your energy and motivation, develop your self confidence, help you to focus on and achieve your goals and make the most of your potential.



Put Yourself in Contention!

Our motto here at Athru Performance Coaching is

Put Yourself in Contention!

We don’t believe in leaving it to luck, instead we believe in careful preparation and planning, focused action and sustained commitment to self development.

We are presented with opportunities to learn, develop and succeed every day but if we are not prepared and ready to take advantage of those opportunities they can pass us by. With a focus on building on your existing strengths, and helping you to learn new skills and habits, our goal is to help you to develop positive and healthy strategies which will ensure that when opportunity does come knocking you are in the best possible position to take advantage.

Through the coaching process we can help you to understand what is preventing you from achieving your full potential and work with you to implement an action plan to overcome those obstacles. We will challenge the beliefs and behaviours which are limiting your chances of success and help you to develop a new more empowering outlook.