Our Philosophy

Athrú is the Irish word for change. As coaches, supporting and facilitating change is at the core of what we do.

At Athru Performance Coaching we believe in an action-oriented approach to coaching and as such we espouse a philosophy of personal responsibility and focussed action. We have worked with many people over the years that work hard and yet don’t see the rewards and results they expect for their investment of time and energy.

“Planning without action is a daydream. Action without planning is a nightmare.” — Japanese proverb.

We will work with you to help you to develop the tools and the knowledge necessary to focus your efforts effectively and put yourself in contention for the opportunities that come your way.

Through the identification of your core values and beliefs you can begin to develop a deeper understanding of your strengths and a clearer understanding of what motivates you.  This information can provide a powerful catalyst to your efforts to bring about positive change in your personal or professional life.

Our work with teams is often built around helping the team to achieve a greater level of cohesion and team performance. We work with teams to identify their shared core values and create a coherent team identity, from this point the team can begin to move as a unit towards achieving their shared goals and targets.

As with our work with individuals we encourage the teams we work with to take ownership of the areas and challenges that are within their control while helping them to identify when they are wasting time and energy on issues that are beyond their influence.